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FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is an efficient and secured communication protocol to share or transfer large files from one computer to another, which is located at remote area and connected with World Wide Web. In general we are familiar with Email for exchanging information over the Internet. It is observed that Email is not an efficient medium to serve all the purposes of sharing digital information. General Email services do not support large files moreover, the type of the files matters for some services. Since the upper limit of the file size is specified in Email service therefore you can’t send large files over communication network. supermoz

FTP hosting services, on the other hand, allow us to transfer large digital files by protecting the content from unauthorized entities. Initially files are uploaded in the FTP server, which is a registered space in the server allocated for the user. This allocated space is known as FTP site and stores all the files, which are uploaded by the client. People who are authorized to access the allocated site can access the files through their individual FTP account. In HTTP the size of the file matters but in FTP you are free to transfer large files irrespective of their content and type.

General objective of File Transfer Protocol are: directory24x7


  • Sharing/transferring digital files over the Internet irrespective size and type
  • Encouraging indirect use of remote computer
  • Maintaining the privacy of the content using file storage system

Upload Large Files


The size and number of files depend upon the space that is allocated for you in the FTP site. If you have 3GB space in your FTP server then depending on that you can upload files in the server. FTP hosting service will allow you to upload files in the server based on the remaining free space of your FTP server. You cannot exceed the space that is allocated for you. Files are uploaded in the server as a copy. Files, which are uploaded in the FTP server, will automatically occupy some space based on their individual size. buddylinks

It is recommended to zip the files before uploading them in the server. This will reduce the actual size of the file and help you to save space. Moreover FTP hosting service comes with the feature of splitting up a large file in multiple parts. This will reduce the size of each part and increase the speed of transferring files in a FTP server from a remote computer. The allocation of space varies from one user to another based on their choice. You are free to select the space for your FTP site. You have to pay more to the FTP hosting service provider to get sufficient space. It is observed that if you have standard FTP service, you can easily share or transfer files of size around 300MB. However, as it was told earlier, that the size of the files will depend upon the selection of FTP service. seoboost

Store files in the FTP server

You have to mention the duration of FTP service during the registration process. Based on your application, FTP hosting service provider will allocate space for you in the FTP site that will remain active for a given period. Files, which are uploaded in the server, will stay unaffected unless any authorized user removes that file from the server. So if you do not delete any uploaded file from the server it will remain there till the end of your FTP service period.

Therefore, the duration of storing files in the FTP server depends upon the choice of the individuals. FTP hosting service provider will allocate a service period based on your choice. You have to pay more to get long term FTP hosting service.

Number of Client

FTP Client and FTP Server are two major components of FTP hosting service. You can upload or download files from FTP server through FTP client. You can allocate number of clients based on the requirements of remote users in the business process. Moreover, from the administration panel you can set permission to read and/or write the files. Based on your request FTP hosting service provider will allow you to create the specified number of clients to exchange information. The cost for FTP hosting service will depend upon the number of clients. On the other hand, there will be an impact on the allocated space in the server by changing the number of client. The frequency of file transmission may increase if you create more clients for the allocated space in the FTP server. This may reduce the size of free space in the FTP server. Therefore, it is recommended to optimize the number of FTP client for a server based on the requirement in the business process.

FTP Packages

The features of FTP hosting services are designed to support stable and secured communication process. FTP package or FTP software are used to upload or download files of any size and/or type to and from external and internal servers. FTP package provides reliability, data integrity and efficient service during the transaction process. Connections are initiated by the remote file transfer server (commonly known as FTP Client) following web-based transfer protocols like – FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP with SSL, TSL or SSH. Selection of FTP package depends upon the choice of the customer. For more info please visit these sites:-


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