Attracting a Guy – Words to Use to Make a Guy Like You

Being beautiful is usually given as being the most important attribute a women needs to have to attract a guy. This is the message women are bombarded with on a daily basis. However looks are a just one small piece of the puzzle when it comes to attracting a great guy. Words and body language are powerful tools in any women’s arsenal. Understanding the phrases and words to use when talking with a guy can give a women an irresistible advantage when it comes to attracting the man of her dreams. huisentuinpassie

Below are some phrases you might want to try on a guy you are interested in. They also work great if you are in a relationship or are married. Remember however that it is important to be genuine. Also be aware that other things such as actions are equally important in attracting a guy. tossncook


    • “You clean up nice”. I once dated a guy who worked with his hands all day. He would come home all dirty and grimy from a hard days work. After he would shower and get all cleaned up he would come downstairs. On occasion I would tell him how nice he looked. Sometimes when he would come close to give me a kiss I would say “ooh you smell so good”. You could tell it made his day. Most men have some insecurities when it comes to how they look. Giving a guy a compliment about his physical appearance is one way to attract a guy. usdailyglobe


    • “I enjoy it when you give me a hug”. My guy would often times come up behind me when I was studying or doing something at the kitchen table, sales daihatsu medan bend down and put his arms around me and put his lips and nose along the side of my neck. I’d let him know how good it felt. By communicating in this way it worked out well for both of us. He enjoyed pleasing me and this reinforced that what he was doing was what I wanted. Because he felt confident in what he was doing he did it even more. A win win situation.


  • “I think that women zmiiv over there is interested in you”. I actually said this only once to a man I was dating but the reaction I got from him was instantaneous. You could see his confidence soar. What man doesn’t like the thought of a women noticing him? The fact that I mentioned this to him seemed to draw him to me even more. It was something I never forgot. hoodpay

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