Seeing Is Believing – Use More Videos for Marketing

With more and more companies and countless brands waging a war against each other for the share of eyeballs not only on print or television but also on a plethora of mobile devices of varying sizes, cryptoby it is becoming increasingly difficult for the marketers to get an inkling of what clicks and what does not in an era of shrinking opportunities.

Marketers are finding out newer ways to market their brands offline and online. In case of online marketing, the competition gets bigger and tougher. Thanks to the short attention span of Internet users, it becomes challenging to get your campaign viral. stumpbusters

Luckily for digital agencies, human brains are better at processing information when they are presented in a visual format. It is this ability that prompts us to choose video over plain text. Given a video’s power to draw prospects’ attention, dismissed growing numbers of marketers are integrating moving visuals in their marketing strategies. Here are three more reasons why your campaign needs Video Search Optimization:

1. Growth of Mobile-Dependency

Today’s busy professionals seek useful information on the go. They hardly have time to go through a long article. A smart info-graphic or a fun video can go a long way to retain users’ attention in less time compared to a long text. According to recent findings, 40 percent of YouTube traffic comes from mobile, lawyerinauckland while more than 1 billion unique visitors hit the site every month. In this situation it only makes sense for marketers to take advantage of the trend and create more branding videos for their digital marketing campaigns instead of text-heavy ads.

2. Rise of Social Media

The growing number of YouTube links that you share in your social media pages is actually the proof of people’s passion for moving images. People find them enjoyable and fun to share. We all know how sharability matters in establishing brand presence marineelectrics in social media. Take a pause and think: with millions of content shared everyday in social media, can you really afford to give video Marketing services a miss?

3. Higher Conversion

Given that customers find clear, high-res images to be more valuable than text-based descriptions, it comes as little surprise that visual contents, particularly videos are more likely to create a good impression, subsequently compelling the customers to make purchase.

Now that you know the compelling reasons to put emphasis on marketing videos, your next step will be to focus on making your videos as enticing as possible. However, buono do not forget to add relevant text as a way of call to action.


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