Sports Tipping Websites and Advertising

For more than 90% of the┬ásports tipping websites out there, a conflict of interests rises between what is best for you and what is for them. Certainly you have been on a website and seen that there are a bunch of sports bookies advertising their services with banner ads. Doesn’t it seem weird that sports bookies would want to advertise to players who are apparently getting strong betting tips from a professional service? The problem here is that there is a lot going on that you might not know about, bespaartip website as a player. At least 90% of the sites out there make money from your losses.

This works in a fairly predictable way. The site will set up a very specific affiliate agreement with different bookies, so that everyone can profit from the operation. In this type of agreement, bespaar blog the bookie will give a percentage of your losses back to the site that, through advertisement, leaded you to subscribe to their service. This percentage differs from 5% up to 30% which means, that apart from the subscription you pay, the tipping website will also win up to 30% of the money that you lose.

What does this mean for you? autoperformancepartsdirect It means that the people you trust to help you with picks might benefit more from your losing than from your winning. This is especially scary for those players who are putting down big money on each and every game.

It does not take a genius to see that this type of agreement is good for everyone but you. In fact, gambleonlineblog it is set up to make you fail and when you have to pay tipping sites for bad picks, you lose twice and they win twice.

The majority of these sites are going to give you bad information if they can get by with it and not only do they have this despicable method to win from your loss, for more details visit sites: but they also have banners that offer “special promotions” like doubling your first deposit or offering a deposit bonus just to get your attention and to have you subscribe to a bookie from their website.


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