Choosing a Memory Care Residence – Part I

While there is no escaping the fact that dementia robs its sufferers of tremendously important and valuable faculties, there is solace in the fact that new retirement facilities have been created to help this special group of seniors manage, memory care valdosta ga with dignity, the daily challenge that is dementia.

The question then is how to find the best dementia- or memory care residence from the available choices. In this series of articles, I will offer you an insider’s guide to choosing a dementia care residence that will arm you with the information you will need when making this choice, temazepam 20mg either as you plan for your own retirement contingencies or are helping a loved one with this important decision.

Request the Literature

Prior to scheduling a tour of a memory care residence, alarmas request a copy of their literature. Pay particular attention to the company’s stated mission and philosophy. This will be helpful as you evaluate how well these have been incorporated into the community you will be visiting.

Meet the Administrator

The responsibility for everything that happens in any residential community rests with the administrator. Their responsibilities are significant and, Cake carts at times, extremely challenging. This notwithstanding, the memory care residence administrator will be required to make decisions and judgment calls on a daily basis that may have profound effects on the well-being of the residents. It is for this reason that I would consider meeting the administrator in person as to being the single most important part of your information gathering as you find a memory care residence.

What you should be looking for is the following:

1. How is their appearance? Is their attire commensurate with the fees that you or a loved one will be paying. Remember, worldofkink the administrator is the face of the community. Does their appearance tell you that they understand this fact?

2. How is their behavior? Are they nervous about being asked questions? Do they appear defensive? Or, do they demonstrate confidence and a sense of ease? Do you sense that they understand your concerns and fears? Memory care residences are often organized chaos. The person at the helm must be in control of the ship.

3. How does the administrator interact with the residents? With staff? How do the staff react to the presence of the administrator? Does it appear that the administrator is somewhat of a stranger in the resident living/care areas? If so, this may mean that they have only a second-hand knowledge of the care aspect of resident services – undoubtedly the most crucial of all services. In a hierarchy of needs, personal care and hygiene are second only to food and shelter. If attention to this crucial aspect of care is lacking, then all else is moot.

In the second part of this series of articles, weight loss we will look at how to evaluate the caregivers, what you should look for and how to influence the quality of care they provide.


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