Adding A Solar Lighting System To An Existing Home

Just because a home has drawn its power from the electrical grid for years doesn’t mean a greener alternative isn’t available. Homes can often be retrofitted to rely more on solar lighting and less on the grid if owners so choose. There are even very simple, batterystoragehome affordable ways to add solar into the mix while still having the assurance of grid-based electricity available.

Solar lighting and power systems have come a long way in the past few decades. What used to take a field of photovoltaic tiles to produce can now often be done with a few panels to act as absorbers for the sun’s energy. While not every existing home’s configuration will be right for creating a retrofitted solar system to take the property off the grid entirely, smaller options for solar accent lights do exist.

Homeowners who wish to rely more on the clean energy of the sun and less on the power grid can consider such choices as:


  • Full systems – When working with an existing home, a complete solar charged installation might prove to be tricky, but not impossible. Homeowners will need to work with an expert or carefully plan a system design to replace reliance on grid energy. Strategically placed solar panels, an inverter and battery storage systems will need to be added to a home’s design to provide the energy necessary for everyday use.
  • Partial systems – Even a home that is 40 years old and has a yard the size of a postage stamp can still take advantage of the sun’s power. Smaller solar power systems can often be used in this situation to power such things as hot water heaters, water pumps or pool heating systems. While these systems will not enable a homeowner to go completely off the grid, e commerce app they can lessen reliance without requiring a lot of outdoor area for power collection. In this case, a few roof panels may be all that’s required to draw enough energy to power a single system.
  • Accent uses – When homeowners find their existing home’s configuration doesn’t lend itself well to capturing the sun’s rays during the daytime hours, there are still options available. Solar security lights and other similar systems can take a bit of the burden off the electric bill and still serve a vital function on the property. These self-contained systems are affordable, easy to install and provide the illumination that is required in yards and gardens.


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