Cold Therapy Treatment: The Solution For Radiation-Induced Hair Loss

If you’re suffering from cancer then you can almost assume that you’ll eventually go bald. It won’t be because of the sickness itself but it would be due to the methods used in treating the disease. For a lot of patients, the loss of their hair is the more frightening ordeal. And so they try to shave off their head through their sessions and get a wig instead.

However, there’s a method called the cold therapy treatment that gives patients a ray of hope when it comes to radiation-induced hair loss. Studies show that when the scalp is cooled before and during chemotherapy, the effects of hair fall is drastically reduced. This means that the patient don’t have to go through the treatment half-bald.

When the scalp is cooled, 613 wig the drugs used to treat cancer won’t reach the head as fast. As a result, the hair follicles are spared somehow. And it follows that there won’t be as much instances of hair fall as there will be if the scalp is not adequately cooled.

There are different ways of cooling the scalp offered currently. Initially though, ice was used. However, this procedure can get a little too messy not just for the patient but for the attending nurse as well. That’s the reason why the cold therapy treatment isn’t popular until today. With the introduction of gel and silicon caps, the need to use ice to cool the scalp is eliminated. Cooling the gel and the chemicals inside the silicon caps prove to be very effective in reducing the instances of hair fall among cancer patients.

So if you have cancer and the use of a hair loss shampoo is not an option for you, ask your doctor about the cold therapy treatment. It could be your only chance of retaining your long locks even after chemotherapy. While you may still suffer hair thinning, it is usually minimal. It would be nothing that a hair growth shampoo won’t be able to handle once you recovered.


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